Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NOTD 9/30: Minty Fresh

I really adore American Apparel's polishes. I've yet to meet one I didn't like, though it seems several of mine have walked off.

"Office" is a minty green cream. The formula is beautifully smooth and highly pigmented.

It's a really lovely color. I like that it makes my simple, one-color manicure pop.

NOTD 9/27-9/29: Chocolate is a Girl's Best Friend

So I had totally forgotten about this polish. It is PERFECT. It's vampy and gorgeous.

This warm brown is called "Fondue," and it's made by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (they of Lip Tar fame). I purchased this three years ago, and as you can see the formula is still rocking hard.

My boss: "They're so shiny!"
So yeah I liked it so much that I left it on for three days straight. THREE. DAYS. What?! I kind of want this to be my signature color, but they went and discontinued it. You know. Three years ago. When I bought it. Ugh.

It also matches my beer.

I just checked and they still make polish, but this color is well and true discontinued. Damn.

If anyone feels like buying me one of EVERY FUCKING COLOR IN THEIR COLLECTION, though, I'd be down. Because daaaaaaaaamn. I desperately need "Isherwood."

NOTD 9/26: Whimsical

I had bare nails today, so I'm going to give you a look at something I did last year around this time.

The mint and glitter polish is, I believe, "Whimsical" from Revlon over white, and the pink glitter accent nail is Essie "A Cut Above."

I really liked this one because the days were shorter and grey (as you can see in the background), and this mani really brightened me up. I also HATED my job at the time, but my nails made me happy. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

NOTD 9/25: Vamp-Tastic

So this gorgeous mani... Am I right? Dayum. I freaking love the gold under that dark purple. It was not fun, by the way, to put a matte coat ONLY on the purple without getting it on the gold. You can actually see in some spots where I sort of... missed. Oops. I think I've literally used this gold polish once. Maybe. I'm not even totally sure. It's almost a gold holo with hex glitters in it. Gawjuss. Too bad it was a holiday polish.

Speaking of gold, can we talk for a second about how perfectly the nail gems and that polish match? I mean shit, son. It's like this was meant to be!

Also can you tell I'm kind of a fan of Neutral Statement with a matte coat? That texture is killing me. Killing me, you guys.

Uh yeah I literally wore this mani for like ten minutes before I had to pee and it all went to hell. At least I got pictures?

Nude: Maybelline Color Show "Neutral Statement"
Purple: ULTA "Devious"
Gold: Finger Paints "Elves Bells"

NOTD 9/24: Reminiscent of a Neon Space Cowboy

I am freaking IN LOVE with this purple from Urban Outfitters. It's the perfect bleached-neon-violet-whatever color. IN. LOVE. Unfortunately UO have made some very questionable, very offensive business decisions lately, and I'm going to have to decide whether I want to continue shopping there, even if it's only nail polish. Which it is, I assure you.

I am also obsessed with ORLY "Androgynie." Legit. It is my hands-down favorite polish of all time. Gorgeous.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a good photo of "Androgynie." Oh, the annoyances of phone cameras. Le sigh.

ORLY "Androgynie" & Urban Outfitters "Rodeo Sweetheart"

NOTD 9/23: Luxe and Luster

I got several compliments on these, but I have to say they're not my favorite. They're really uninspired. I do really love the black and gold glitter polish, though. It's pretty fun.

Gold: ORLY "Luxe"
Black with gold glitter: Urban Outfitters "Luster"

Monday, September 22, 2014

NOTD 9/22: Fishtail Braid

Okay, I'm cheating. I didn't actually do these nails today. The nails I did for today are actually like.... really freaking hard to photograph. The polish is gorgeous, though, I swear it!

Instead, I'm giving y'all a little look at something I did for a contest on /r/randomactsofmakeup a few weeks ago. The goal was to recreate the braid mani, but I've always really disliked how damn rustic and Dorothy that mani looks, so I decided to modernize it by using bleached neons, a little holo, and a fishtail braid pattern. I think it looks way more funky and fresh than the alternative, though I really need to work on my pattern.

You can see toward the top of my index finger where the braiding is really tight and looks legit, then down toward the bottom where it kind of.... fucks off. Hm. I could probably also make this a feather mani if I didn't use such bright colors. Ideas! Yay!

The holo is "Cosmic Dust" from China Glaze, yellow is "Citrus Collide" from Maybelline Color Show, purple is "Rodeo Sweetheart" from Urban Outfitters, black is "Black Expressionism" from Finger Paints, AKA the Holy Grail of Black Polishes, green is "Office" from American Apparel, and the white that I used as a base on my braid is "White on White" from China Glaze. The matte topcoat on "Black Expressionism" is Sally Hansen's "Big Matte Topcoat."