Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nails of the Day - ORLY Bubbly Bombshell

ORLY Bubbly Bombshell
I know, another simple mani and another ORLY polish. They make some ridiculous glitters, though, let's be honest. For some reason this photographed strangely. It's fairly spot-on, but I think it's just a bit less fuchsia and more Barbie-pink. That's actually why I wanted to do it: one of my coworkers has super sparkly Barbie-inspired nails this week and I wanted to emulate them. Her nails are actually what made me finally decide to do my own even though she pays to have hers done. I wanted to have the pretty length that her acrylics give her, but I hate fake nails. I decided to grow my own, and use polish to my advantage.

Anyway, this is three coats (annoying) with a matte accent. The accent, which is on the ring finger, isn't that obvious in the photo. I'm going to blame it on how sparkly the polish is : ) I used NYC Matte Me Crazy, which is actually been really good so far. I had used ELF's Matte Topcoat, but it smells horrible and takes forever to dry. I used NYC's New York Minute fast-dry topcoat on the rest. I'm trying to see if the terrible tip wear I've been experiencing lately is due to my topcoat/polish or if it's just my lifestyle, which isn't that labor-intensive. Meh. We'll see. Also, sorry about the cuticles and the polish everywhere. Unfortunately, ORLY's glitters and shimmers are near impossible to clean with my little make-up brush. Tomorrow I have the day off, so hopefully that means some more catching up on Halloween nails and finishing my costume.

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